Book Launch: Mathura’s And the Line Turns into Shadow

For the first time in Hebrew:  A book of poems by Estonian poet Mathura, one of the most prominent and unique voices in contemporary world poetry.

Mathura’s poetry is especially relevant to us because, like many Israelis, his personal biography is intrinsically bound to his national circumstances. Mathura’s poems convey a profound and very human identification with that which appears before him, be it man or nature.

Participants: Mathura, Estonian poet; Gili Haimovich, poet and translator; Sabina Messeg, poet and Translation Prize winner for her translation of Norwegian poetry; Amir Or, poet, writer, translator, editor, and founder of the Helicon Society for the Advancement of Poetry in Israel; Yonatan Berg, poet and writer; Maya Weinberg, poet and Israel’s 2017 eco-poetry prize winner. The evening will be hosted by Noa Shakargy, poet, editor and co-founder of the College of Literary Arts.

Music: Noam Rotem

Opening Words: The Estonian Ambassador to Israel