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Neve Schechter

Neve Schechter is home to intellectuals and artists who are in conversation with Jewish thought and Hebrew culture. The center is located in a beautiful building that has undergone preservation. It has a colorful and fascinating history and is situated on the seam line between the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The intersections of history, geography, and culture create a world of intriguing content at Neve Schechter, inviting visitors to participate in a variety of unique cultural experiences.

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The Schechter Institutes

For over thirty years, The Schechter Institutes, Inc. has advanced pluralistic Jewish education in Israel and Europe.

Its Jerusalem campus forms a rich educational umbrella which includes the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Graduate School, Schechter Rabbinical Seminary, TALI Education Fund and Midreshet Schechter adult education; and in Tel Aviv, the Neve Schechter Legacy Heritage Center for Jewish Culture.

Together these institutions have had a profound impact on the State of Israel, providing pluralistic Jewish education to more than 55,000 Israeli adults, children and families who are seeking an open, inclusive and meaningful connection to Judaism.

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Friends of The Schechter Institutes

The Schechter Institutes are at the forefront of Jewish pluralistic education in Israel serving tens of thousands of Israelis from across the social and religious spectrum, of all ages and across the country.
The Schechter Associations include the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies, the TALI Foundation, the.
Every year, we hold a festive fundraising event for the members of our Friends Association. In exchange for their involvement, contribution and support, throughout the year, members of the association enjoy a selection of special activities at Schechter that offer an opportunity to learn and be inspired.

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