Every Monday at 6:00 PM 


Neve Schechter

42 Aharon Chelouche St., Tel Aviv

How to Register (Registration is Required EACH WEEK!):

Fill out this form, please! Space is limited. https://airtable.com/shrdEAc9YrWmcw9lm 

About the Club:

The Hebrew Conversation Club is a free, professional meetup organized by The Reboot Startup Nation and Yad L'Olim in partnership. Join us for a glass of wine, with no teachers or books — only a platform for professional Olim from all backgrounds to meet up and actually use their Hebrew!


ALL levels of Hebrew are welcome. From Zero to Hero! There is only one rule: Hebrew only! Join to speak with someone who knows more Hebrew than you, and to speak with someone who knows less Hebrew than you. That's it! The event is hosted in Tel Aviv in a beautiful location: Neve Schechter, a community that is a home for contemporary Jewish culture and art. 



arina@yadlolim.org for questions.

יום חמישי 23.12 , פתיחת דלתות: 20:15, התחלה: 21:00