Ayelet Neventzal, In the Courtyard of the King, Ceramic casting material – low heat and plastic strings, 2016

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Exhibit: Purim Gifts – Mishloach Yad

Curators:  Shira Friedman and Dov Abramson

Participating Artists: Avi Biran, Ayelet Weil Neventzal, Arik Weiss, Zohar Yules, Meirav Peleg, Nofar Daskal, Siona Benjamin, Pinchas Green, Ruth Schreiber, Renana Tzur, Sharon Binder and Tehila Shemesh.

March 11-27, 2016

The exhibition displays contemporary artwork that relates to the two main commandments of the Purim Holiday – Mishloach Manot and Gifts to the Poor.

Some of the artwork are original containers for Mishloach Manot and some an artistic interpretation related to the custom.

A poster for traditional Purim galas by B. Agadati. 15.2.1930 | 17 Shvat 5690. Publisher: B. Agadati, courtesy of the National Library of Jerusalem.

Exhibit: Purim Galas of Little Tel Aviv

Curator:  Shira Friedman

Poster and photography exhibition

There’s only one real gala in town, Baruch Agadati’s Mask Gala” (Reuven Rubin)

March 23, 2016, during Neve Schechter’s Purim Gala