Purim hafla with legendary band “Sounds of the Oud” in the courtyard of Neve Schechter

This festive Purim revelry will be full of costumes, drinks, music, and everything you need to party until you don’t know the difference between Haman and Mordechai!

Who will be there?

– DJ Amir Pe’er – this guy really knows how to lift the vibe and he’s coming with a set that will get you dancing from the inside out!

– The Muna Comuna band with a crazy Mediterranean pirate party.  Words cannot describe what’s going to happen here – it’s worth coming early so you don’t miss out!

– And for the main show: “Sounds of the Oud” with its complete lineup – Rami Danoch, Yehuda Kaysar and other members of the original band!

Come dance with us!

Free Admission!