Yael Deckelbaum and the Prayer of the Mothers Ensemble


Doe to bad weather the event is rescheduled to Wednesday, May 9 at 20:30 

Wednesday, May 9 at 20:30

This performance unites women – secular, religious, Christian and Jewish alike – on one stage. Yael Deckelbaum, an award-winning singer-songwriter, wrote the song “Prayer of the Mothers” to support the March of Hope of Women Make Peace, in which tens of thousands of women from the left, the right, and the center – Arabs, Jews, Israelis, and Palestinians marched together in a joint prayer for peace between the nations and the restoration of hope for a better future for the sake of the next generation.

Price: 75 NIS for tickets purchased in advance

90 NIS on the evening of the show

Tickets: Here >>

** The performance will take place outdoors. We recommend you wear warm clothing.
** You are invited to watch the wonderful song “Prayer of the Mothers” at the link below:

Prayer of The Mothers official video >>