The Restless

The Pretty Jewess (after Synagoga), 2008, electric etching and mixed media on OSB, from the series My Other Germany (detail)


Exhibition Dates: May 11, 2017–September 1, 2017

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 9:00–17:00, Friday 10:00–13:00

Exhibition Curator: Shira Friedman

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Abady’s gallery of characters offers a kind of alternative to the Jewish canon, and includes Avinadav, son of King Saul, Hans Herzl, son of Theodor Herzl, “the visionary of the state,” Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Hannah Arendt, and biblical and Christian figures, along with a self-portrait of the artist and a portrait of his mother and grandfather. Two paintings from the new series “Back to the Levant” will be exhibited here for the first time. In this series, the artist explores his family’s legacy and examines questions of Jewish and Arab identity in contemporary Israel. Abady has inscribed his family name in Arabic letters on the works in this series.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture.

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