תערוכת מדרש יוצר 2018

Neve Shechter is proud to host the 2018 Artist Beit Midrash Exhibition 2018, one of the center’s flagship projects, which is celebrating its third year.

Sodom – Artist Beit Midrash Exhibition 2018

Two chapters of Genesis are dedicated to the city of Sodom, the metropolis of evil. Indeed, in order to bridge the gaps concealed in the biblical text and understand the sins that aroused the wrath of God to the point where He completely annihilated the city, we need to turn to the midrashim, to the philosophical, theological, and literary sources, as well as to the body and the consciousness.

Reality, for its part, inundates us with current materials – collective and personal wounds that echo the Sodom of the past and the Sodom of the present.

For four months we studied the text through the body and the body alongside the text. Every Monday, we cleared our schedules for a few hours in order to delve into the painful questions raised by the story, questions about evil and morality, trauma, remorse, stagnation, incest, destruction, and birth.

The story guided us along its path, and we strayed to its hidden places. The incarnations of Sodom from the Bible to the Midrash, to Christianity, to culture, and finally to its manifestation as a mythological ghost town that inhabits dark aspects of the collective unconscious.

The Sodom exhibition will present the works of the six artists who took part in the process:
Maayan Boni, Mihal Goldstein, Einav Rosolio, Yehuda Rahanaev, Avinoam Sternheim, and Hilla Shapira.

Rabbi Roberto Arbib and Adili Lieberman

The opening event will take place on Saturday night, May 26, 2018, at 20:30

The exhibition will be open on Sunday and Monday, May 27 and 28, from 20:00 to 22:00.

Admission is free of charge.