Hero among Heroes

Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Neve Schechter

Photography Credits: Li-or Averbach, Naama Noah,, Amit Hai Cohen, Ofir Abe, Gaya S. Turtle, Michal Naishtein, Zohar Shitrit Abraham Ben Naftali, Hadar Ziegler, Suzan Vit Stahel, Michal Fatal

Inspired by Shy Abady’s exhibition The Restless, currently on display at the Schechter Gallery, writers, poets, thinkers and musicians will share their perspectives on alternative cultural heroes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2017

Free entrance

The Autonomy of Art and the Culture Industry in the Frankfurt School’s Thought.
Prof. Moshe Zuckermann
// Hall

On the East and the Moon
Shlomi Hatuka
// Synagogue

Literary Panel Discussion: A Heroine in Ice
Michal Ben Naftali and Dana Olmert, moderator Judy Tal Kopelman.
// Hall

Who Is More Israeli? The Game and Its Losers
Luci Dubinchik and Alex Rif
// Synagogue

Theater Panel Discussion: Does culture need a hero or an anti-hero?
Doron Tavori and Tomer Sharon, moderator Eli Haviv
// Hall

Image Worship: An exegesis on the Question of Art
Prof. Galili Shahar
// Schechter Gallery

The Other Within Me: Ruth the Moabite Through the Lens of Julia Kristeva
Rabbi Roberto Arbib
// Hall

Words of Poetry
Neta Elkayam and Shai Tsabari sing and talk about their journey and their sources of inspiration
// Synagogue

Rabban Gamliel and Raban Yohanan Ben Zakkai: The First Reformers?
Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch
// Hall

Morning Prayer and Reading of the Ten Commandments
// Synagogue