How do you say Yiddish in “Mizrachit”?

On the Yiddish language and Israeliness

The journal Mashiv HaRuach is hosting an event in honor of the bilingual anthology of a hundred years of Yiddish poetry, Gavoha min ha-pachad ashir (Louder than Fear I Shall Sing).

Since the publication of the anthology, it has received a great deal of literary and media attention, especially in light of the fact that it makes Yiddish poetry accessible to the Israeli audience and places the Yiddish language on the Israeli cultural stage.

The event will address questions about the Yiddish language and the challenge of translating it into Hebrew and explore the place of Yiddish culture in the contemporary Israeli social fabric.

Among the participants:

Yiddish poets – Rivka Basman Ben-Hayim and Michael Flazenbaum

Hebrew poets – Prof. Sami Shalom Chetrit and Shlomi Hatuka

The editors of the anthology – Dr. Velvel Tschernin, Yael Levi, and Yoram Nisonovitz

Music – Gershon Leizerson and The Yiddish Blues Drifters

Ticket price: NIS 20 in advance, NIS 30 at the door


Thursday 30.11.2017 | 20:30

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