The Revolutionaries Version 6.0

A Series of Meetings with People who Want to Change the World

The meetings will address various issues of urgent importance in Israeli society and pose the question “What have we done to bring about change in a problematic place?”

Wednesday, 25.10.2017 | at 20:00 | Opening meeting: “Behind the Scenes of the Relations between Religion and State – Where are we Headed?”

Attorney Riki Shapiro Rosenberg, one of the founders of the Takana Forum, who petitioned the Supreme Court on the issue of adoption and the kashrut debate. 

Wednesday 08.11.2017 | at 20:00 | What is the Connection Between Social Revolutions and Jews?

Yuval Malachi with a refreshing historical perspective on where we came from and where we should be headed

Wednesday 22.11.2017 | at 20:00 | Power and Faith among Arab Women in Israel – A Glimpse into an Inspiring World of Creativity and Leadership

A conversation with Sheikha Haliwa, a Palestinian poet of Bedouin origin, and Ikram Hujeirat, an Israeli journalist of Bedouin origin

Wednesday 6.12.2017 | at 20:00 | Censorship and Freedom of Expression: Is There Censhorship in Israel?

Shai Glick, the Chief Censor, tells the audience why his actions do not comprise silencing and reveals who the real censor is.

Wednesday, 20.12.20017 | at 20:00 #MeToo: A Public Trend – thoughts on sexual harassment, feminism, and hope for the future.

Journalist Neri Livneh on the wide-scale wave of sharing personal stories of sexual harassment and/or assault and the hashtag campaign #MeToo



Entrance is free of charge for those who register in advance by sending an email to:

The event will be in Hebrew