Opening Event of the Exhibition Isfahan Isfahan

Photo: Orit Pnini

Exhibition and celebration in honor of the month of Adar

Thursday, 15.2.18 at 20:00

20:00 Opening of the Exhibition Isfahan Isfahan – Artist Ardyn Halter

20:30 Singer, artist, and poet Maureen Nehedar in a performance titled Wheat Flower (Gole Gandom)

Admission is free of charge. The number of seats is limited.

About the performance: The Wheat Flower (Gole Gandom) with Maureen Nehedar

Singer, artist, and composer Maureen Nehedar in a moving performance, in which songs from her new and successful album, Gole Gandom (Wheat Flower) will be integrated with new and imaginative adaptations of Persian folk classics in a fascinating combination of East and West. The show will also include songs from her previous album, new songs from her upcoming album, and other surprises.

Throughout the evening during the exhibition Dan Shadur and Barak Heymann’s film Before the Revolution (Israel, 2013) will be screened. It tells the story of thousands of Israelis living in Tehran in the 1970s, enjoying a life of plenty and luxury while the corrupt and oppressive regime that sponsors them begins to collapse until they notice, almost too late, that their Iranian paradise is turning into a kind of hell.