Literary Readings of the Weekly Torah Portion

In every Torah portion, there are issues related to our lives in the here and now – subjects that literature and poetry regularly address – parent-child relations, relationships between men and women, social classes, money and the distribution of resources, faith, morality, and justice.

This is a series of intimate encounters with the best Israeli writers that offers an opportunity to look at these subjects from a literary point of view.

Moderated and organized by Shiri Lev-Ari, literature and communications scholar | Wednesdays at 20:00

Price per meeting: 35 NIS | Whole series: 210 NIS 

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Parshat Lech Lecha – A Story of Immigration With poet Rita Kogan


Parshat Vayera – Crimes, Near Crimes, and Petty Offenses With author Dror Mishani


Parshat Chayei Sarah – An Appropriate Match: Isaac and Rebecca With author and editor Yaara Shchori


Parshat Toldot – Their love, Their hate, and Their envy: Jacob and Esau With poet Roy Hasan


Parshat Vayetze – The History of Love: Jacob and Rachel With writer and journalist Mika Almog



Parashat Vayishlach – The Power of Reconciliation With author Yishai Sarid


Parashat Vayeshev –The Interpretation of Dreams: Joseph and his Fate Author Michal Zamir