On Breaking and Benevolence

Erev Tisha B’Av

Saturday night, August 10 | Entrance is free with advance registration   

This Tisha B’Av, we want to shift our focus – from the destruction of the Temple and the events that led to it, to the Temple itself and the people who filled it. We want to understand how it continues to be a part of us, those men and women who remember it, and how it impacts us, even when the physical structure no longer exists.    

Together we will watch the film Der-Nister (The Hidden), which presents a similar longing. The film closely documents director Nahar Shabtai’s family through their good years and their bad years, in their togetherness and in their separation following the divorce of his parents, Aharon and Colleen Shabtai.

The range of emotions experienced in the physical space became a part of it and changed together with it. It was a journey fraught with pain but also imbued with an overwhelming kindness that never faded, and perhaps even increased with the destruction of the physical structure and their departure from it.

Following the screening of the film, there will be an open discussion with director Nahar Shabtai on his creative process, on the term “home” and on his personal home.